Our programmes

Healthy community

Maternal and child health and nutrition

Healthy Community

This programme aims to contribute towards reduced morbidity and mortality of mothers and children from major preventable causes.  Our work focuses on promoting family planning, antenatal care, delivering at the health facility & postnatal care, fighting HIV/AIDS in most affected areas, combating cervical and breast cancers, promoting sanitation & hygiene, prevention & control of major childhood illnesses, and promoting nutrition, particularly in the first 1000 days of life. A healthier community will be able to contribute to development, including climate-smart eco-tourism and conservation.

Sustainable environment

Climate-smart conservation and eco-tourism

Climate-smart eco-tourism and conservation

The programme aspires to reduce biodiversity loss, develop and promote ecotourism for sustainable livelihood. A more sustainable environment will offer opportunities to improve lifestyle – greater participation in physical activity and sport, access to nutritious food, water supply, clean air to prevent and control diseases and create socio-economic development such as agri-businesses.

By addressing these two critical areas, our foundation contributes to reduced poverty, improved health, and a sustained environment for current and future generations.

Our strategic pillars

Three strategic pillars anchor our activities:


We use our credibility, trust, and access to the highest and grassroots levels to raise the awareness of political, economic, and social systems to critical maternal & child health and nutrition, and eco-tourism & conservation issues. We co-convene key players to discuss the most critical issues and foster inclusive and engaging discussions. We stimulate community engagement and dialogue to understand their views and create consensus on the problems and solutions to be taken to bring transformation.

Joint initiatives

We convene and partner with development organizations to deliver tangible change in target regions and areas. We will gather best-in-class examples and lessons that can be replicated on a larger scale across more geographies and focus areas.


We will identify capability-building needs within the community, in the governmental levels, and among CSOs, and engage partners that can support in building capabilities and share best practices and knowledge. We will leverage our network to strengthen systems, empower communities, and key players in targeted areas.

Geographic focus areas

Our work in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa will be scaled up in a phased manner.

In the first phase, we will intervene in Ethiopia in areas with the highest perceived needs where our Foundation could add value. These areas include communities and national parks in Afar, Benishangul Gumuz, and Gambella regional states, and South Omo zone, and Konta special woreda of South Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regional State of Ethiopia. These areas have the highest health disparities as shown in the report of the 2016 Ethiopian Health and Demographic Survey.

Maternal and Child Health
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Climate Smart Ecotourism
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