The senior management of the HRF had a fruitful discussion with the representatives of the Enat Bank SC on the issues on which the two institutions can work together.  The focus of the meeting held at the HRF’s HQ today was to establish frameworks for cooperation and discuss the conditions that enable them to work together in activities on the economic empowerment of women’s.

In the discussion, it was noted that Enat Bank is playing its part in stimulating social and economic development by paying special attention to the needs of women in Ethiopia. In light of this, it was discussed the conditions of cooperation by offering financial options that are effective for the projects being carried out by the HRF in the economic empowerment of pastoral women.

The subject of further discussion centered on the settings under which the bank could provide funding for the eco-tourism resort that is planned to be constructed with the aim of sustainably supporting the HRF’s projects to promote the participation and effectiveness of pastoral girls’ education.

Hailemariam & Roman Foundation

February 2023, Addis Ababa



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