A delegation from the Hailemariam & Roman Foundation (HRF) recently visited healthcare facilities in the South Omo Zone. Led by the Maternal, Neonatal, & Child Health (MNCH) & Nutrition Program, the visit aimed to assess the program’s progress and document best practices.
During the visit, the team observed several healthcare facilities, including Kako Health Center, Biraile Health Center, Goldiya & Dume Health Post in Bena Tsemay Woreda, Dimeka Health Center, Shanko Health Center, and Asile Health Post in Hamer Woreda, as well as Turmi Health Center in Turmi Town Administration.
Notably, the delegation expressed appreciation for the significant improvement in skilled birth attendance (SBA), particularly in Hamer Woreda. The percentage of SBA in the Woreda has risen from 34% to 60%, which can be attributed to the continuous advocacy conferences, co-organized by the HRF and the Zonal Health Department. The conferences effectively reached the grassroots level by tribal leaders and ethnic chiefs, who played a vital role in promoting the importance of SBA.
The efforts of the HRF, the Zonal Health Department, and the active participation of tribal leaders and ethnic chiefs have not only improved SBA rates in Hamer Woreda but also served as an example of effective collaboration and community engagement.
Hailemariam & Roman Foundation
April 2024, South Omo Zone