The Hailemariam & Roman Foundation (HRF) in collaboration with the Center for International Reproductive Health Training (CIRHT), has donated 2 ambulances and  4 portable color Doppler ultrasound machines to support and enhance the logistical capabilities of the healthcare sector in Hamer and Bena Tsemay Woredas.

The former First Lady of Ethiopia and CEO of the HRF, H.E. Roman Tesfaye, was present in Jinka city and handed over the support to the administrators of the two Woredas.

During the handing over ceremony,  H.E. Roman remarked the donation is intended to be used for health services in six health facilities located in Hamer and Bena Tsemay Woredas. “Inadequate diagnostic technologies and transportation between the home and the medical facilities may have very serious consequences for women and children who need urgent medical care. These problems in the two pastoral Woredas in the South Omo Zone will be helped by the ambulances and ultrasound machines,” she added.

Lastly, Her Excellency remarked, for the HRF, the handing over of the ambulances and ultrasound machines are part of the many other interventions being undertaken in this Zone. This support in the area showcases our firm commitment and compassion towards the well-being of mothers and newborns.

Deputy Administrator of South Omo Zone, Ato. Tadesse Kai, acknowledged his gratitude for the donation at this time.  “This donation is one of a myriad of health initiatives taken by the HRF to support the underprivileged communities in the South Omo Zone,   particularly expectant mothers and children in pastoral Woredas who face barriers accessing healthcare facilities,” he noted.

The HRF’s Chief of Programs for Maternal, Neonatal, & Child Health (MNCH) & Nutrition Program, Ato. Meskele Lera, noted on the donation by saying that we oversaw the facilitation of an in-kind offer of two ambulance cars from CIRHT that had been promised two years earlier. After experiencing ups and downs with the importation process and dealing with customs issues, we finally secured to hand over the vehicles today.

According to Ato. Meskele, “These ambulances will aid the medical facilities of Hamer & Bena Tsemay Woredas in reaching more people, particularly those in remote areas, with medical amenities that help reduce maternal and child mortality.”

He further stated, “these portable colour Doppler ultrasound machines with 3D imaging are supposed to enhance diagnostic capability for better MNCH service delivery at Primary Health Care Units (PHCUs).”


Hailemariam & Roman Foundation

July, 2023; South Omo Zone, Jinka City