“Ethiopia is proud of being a member of BRICS and considers the platform beyond just political engagements as it mainly involves economic development, trade and investment exchanges, technology transfer, cultural and people-to-people ties,” highlighted Mrs. Roman Tesfaye, the Former First Lady of Ethiopia and Current CEO of Hailemariam & Roman Foundation, in her welcoming remarks at the BRICS Civil Forum held in Moscow, Russia, on 3-4 July 2024.

Civil society is being tested like never before by a series of multiple and accelerating crisis, including extreme weather, economic, and geopolitical risks. But civil society still managed to hold the line and make a difference to many, she indicated, adding that more can be done to enhance the accountability for the implementation of the commitments made at the BRICS Civil Forums.

Over the coming decades, many of the BRICS economies are projected to grow significantly. This is particularly the case in relation to new members such as Ethiopia and Egypt who are projected to grow by 1, 170 % and 635 % respectively in GDP terms by 2050.

Held under the motto ‘Strengthening Multilateralism for Just Global Development and Security’, this year, the Forum brought together over 200 representatives from civil society across all BRICS countries.

The BRICS Civil Forum serves as a platform for discussion and presentation, enabling civil society members from BRICS nations and invited global majority countries to deliberate on citizen-proposed priorities for the BRICS agenda and showcase civil initiatives aligned with these priorities.

Hailemariam & Roman Foundation

July 2024, Addis Ababa





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