The Hailemariam & Roman Foundation (HRF), in partnership with the China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD), held two days of experience-sharing and capacity-building sessions for the Mothers Group involved in the school meals program in the pastoral Woredas of South Omo Zone.

The school meals program, which has been running in 10 primary schools since 2020/21, aims to provide nutritious meals to students in needy pastoral areas. The recent sessions brought together mothers who have been preparing and delivering the meals to share their experiences with newly joined enterprises.

The training focused on key aspects such as personal and food hygiene principles, as well as effective ways of distributing the meals to students. The sessions were held in three primary schools: Dimeka, Key Afer, and Turmi.

The school meals program is part of the broader efforts by the HRF and CFRD to improve the well-being of children and communities in the pastoral Woredas of South Omo Zone.


Hailemariam & Roman Foundation

June 2024, South Omo Zone