The Hailemariam & Roman Foundation, with the support of the Australian Embassy, ​​has provided various support to high school girls’ in the South Omo Zone, Hamer and Bena-Tsemay woredas.

Speaking on the launching program, Roman Tesfaye, former First Lady of Ethiopia and CEO of the Hailemariam and Roman Foundation, said base line assessment have been carried out in collaboration with South Omo Zone, and the finding evinces that there are many cultural influences on pastoralists girls living in Hamer and Bena-Tsemay Woredas. She further said that different support programs have been put in place by HRF to address the existing situation.

The high-level delegation team also handed 546 reusable sanitary pads and 11,445 books in addition to initiating tutorial programs for girl students in secondary schools that had already begun before three months in the two pastoralist Woredas.

Moreover, A water collection device worth 800,000 Birr that was supplied to the five schools in the two Woredas was also achieved with the help of the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation (CFPA). This technology, called Airowater, can resolve the previously observed drinking water supply problem in the schools. The Airowater is also said to be able to collect 100 litters of water each day from the atmosphere.

Finally, students, instructors, and parents expressed their appreciation for the HRF’s support during the project’s launch session. The support offered to the female students in the pastoralist community will help them succeed in their education and inspire the female students who have not attended school and are being left behind.

Hailemariam & Roman foundation

June 2022 , South Omo zone

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